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Dear Marketer:


I believe K-12 Education can be summed up in one word: Variety. Consider:

  • Public. Private. Charter.

  • Poor. Middle class. Affluent.

  • Urban. Suburban. Rural.


And that's just the beginning. I know from experience that: 


  • "Public" or "private" reveals nothing about a school ... and charters are entities unto themselves.

  • Knowing a family earns, say, $200,000 per year will not tell you anything about their beliefs.

  • Two nearby schools with similar “data” are probably quite different. Just inserting a new principal or school head, parents’ association team, or after school director can change things dramatically. 


I’m used to picking up on the small nuances that really matter ... which makes me your biggest ally.


My name is Andre Harding. For over 15 years I taught children how to play chess in schools and in homes, full-time ... this experience gave me priceless insights I can bring to your marketing efforts.


Chess teachers rarely stay in one school, as full-time faculty positions are rare. Many elementary and secondary school teachers teach in one or only a few schools during their careers, and don’t get such broad experience.


I have taught in more than thirty schools — public, private, and charter.


From struggling inner-city schools to prosperous suburban schools ... fledgling start-ups to some of the best-known schools in the nation ... and everything in-between.


Most importantly, I spent a lot of time with students, parents, teachers, and school leaders in these diverse environments. My livelihood depended on understanding their challenges, needs, and interests.


I have also spent thousands of hours in more living rooms than I can count. I got to know families in ways most teachers and administrators never do. I've been accused of being a mind-reader a few times.


The bottom line? I'm pretty sure I can help you with any copy and content needs you might have.


Send me an email at andre@andreharding.comI would love to talk with you.


Carve out a few minutes in your busy schedule for a friendly conversation that could transform your business for years to come.

Let's get started!

To your success,








André Harding

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