Early Life

I was born in Brooklyn and raised in the Bronx, and have lived in New York City for most of my life.


After graduating from Queens College with a Bachelor of Arts in history, I decided to make my favorite hobby a career ... after a brief detour as a real estate agent. The less said about that experience, the better!

Chess Professional

My dad taught me how to play chess when I was eight years old. I began competing in tournaments in middle school and a few years later, was ranked in the Top 100 players for my age in the United States.

During college, I directed chess tournaments to earn extra money. I became Assistant Manager of the world-famous Marshall Chess Club, which led to more exposure and chess teaching opportunities.

Over the next 16 years, I taught chess to thousands of students in public, private, and charter schools.


I also coached students in numerous local and national events.

Chess will always be part of my life; heck, I still blog about it. but in 2019 I decided to finally make a change years in the making.

Andre NYChessKids camp.jpg


In 2011, I discovered the American Writers and Artists Institute by accident, and my eyes were opened to a new world. Joining AWAI’s Circle of Success gave me access to specialized training.

In addition to learning the basics of persuasive copywriting — how to write sales letters and other direct response copy — I added skills over the years: web copy, emails, SEO, social media, B2B copywriting, and a lot more.

I benefitted from training by top professionals like Bob Bly, Joshua Boswell, Gordon Graham, Dan Kennedy, Steve Slaunwhite, and Jay White, among others.

While I only became a full-time copywriter in 2019, I'm not a newbie at all.

Other Interests

When not writing, I enjoy cooking, travel, foreign languages, watching sports, and learning new things.

My favorite cuisines are Italian and French, but even a simple meal at a favorite chain restaurant brings me happiness. Olive Garden never seems to get old...

So far I have visited the Bahamas, Canada, Czech Republic, France, Hungary, and Russia. I hope to travel to other countries and explore more of the United States. The more I can do by train, the better — a bucket list item is the Trans-Siberian Railway.

I'm a fan of the New York Giants, Rangers, Mets, and Knicks. I also enjoy watching tennis and go to the U.S. Open almost every summer.

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