Do Your Customers Tell Great Stories About You?

Few things persuade like a glowing story about your product, service, or company from a real customer. Crafting this story takes a bit more time and effort than getting a hastily written testimonial on a feedback form, but it’s worth it.

A well-done case study (also called a customer success story) is always a good investment. It can be repurposed in many ways and will have a very long shelf life.

What can you do with a case study? Here are some examples:

· Publish it on your website in a designated section

· Feature it in a blog post or article

· Print it as a handout for expos or other in-person events

· Include excerpts in your newsletter or magazine (print or email)

· Make it part of a direct mail package

You’ll want to interview a past customer who raves about you. Choose someone who has no problem providing specific details, especially their name, title, and company. Get a photo, too.

Find out what challenges they faced before encountering your company.

Which product or service of yours did the customer find success with? What results did they achieve? Be specific, but don’t go overboard: facts and figures shouldn’t get in the way of a great story.

Get direct quotes from your customer and use them! Let them tell the story.

A box summarizing the main points, “fast facts,” or the like is often a good idea.

Are you leveraging the power of the case study? Its human touch can set you apart from competitors offering similar products and services.

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