Selling B2B? Watch Your Tone!

Consumers often buy things on impulse...I know I certainly do!

Our purchasing decisions are usually simple because we rarely buy heavy equipment or intricate software in our personal lives.

We also don’t need to justify our buys to anyone else except, maybe, family or close friends.

Excitement, even hype, can work well in this setting.

Managers or executives who make purchasing decisions for their companies don’t have the same freedom — even a Fortune 500 CEO is accountable to shareholders and the board of directors.

To persuade business buyers, a measured tone and sticking to the facts is key. Don’t bore them with overly formal or stiff writing, but don’t embellish either.

That, and B2B purchases can easily cost hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars. These buyers need lots of information and time to feel comfortable making a decision.

Hype is unlikely to win them over...actually, it’s likely to mark you as sleazy or untrustworthy.

Watch the tone of your B2B communications!

© 2020 by André Harding