What Does Your “About Me” Page Say About You?

Sure, point out a few highlights…but your website’s About page should be about YOU — the person or the company — and not a laundry list of your accomplishments.

Find the memorable human story that brought you to where you are now…the story that will stick with prospects long after they’ve forgotten the details of your résumé.

Maybe you attended a prestigious school, had a well-known mentor, or have worked with a big-name client. Guess what? None of these things guarantee your prospect that they will get great results from you.

Even if they believe you CAN do the job they may choose someone else, for any number of reasons!

Think of it this way. Why is touting the lowest prices a bad idea? There will always be someone who can do it cheaper.

Give your prospect an idea of who you are. Paint a picture of what it’s like to work with you. Tell them how responsive you are to their questions and pleas for help. Flesh out how your expertise can make their life easier.

Anticipate your target audience’s needs and weave your story in such a way that demonstrates your ability to solve his or her problems.

© 2020 by André Harding