This ad was for a unique real estate property in Hawaii.

Article (print magazine)

Two of my articles were published in recent editions of Empire Chess, the long-running magazine the New York State Chess Association:

Should I Play 1...e5 Against 1.e4?

Summer 2020, pp.16-20



How to Increase Your Rating Fast

Fall 2020, pp. 23-24

Blog (guest posts)


"Praise for the ECU ... from the USA" — July 5, 2020

European Chess Union Arbiters Council:


"How to Get More Out of an Introvert" — July 16, 2020

The Introvert Spot:

Blog (regular posts)

A chess blog I started in March 2020. See it here:

Email (cold introduction)

First contact with parent coordinators at schools introducing them to a school supply procurement and delivery service based in Ohio.

Email (promo)

Encouraged parents to enroll their child in Winter after school chess classes. Signup increased 15+% from the Fall trimester.

Lead Magnet

Q & A special report to generate email sign-ups for

Web Copy

Text for the website of Chess in Motion, LLC. See it here:

Don't see anything applicable to your business? No worries ... I can probably write what you need. Anyway, it doesn't hurt to ask: